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"After reading Philosophy at Ecole Normale Supérieure-Ulm in Paris (Agrégation & PhD), I trained in several therapeutic techniques (psychoanalysis, Reiki, Theta Healing) to develop my own approach to coaching.

I have built a method around language, its power and the way it is used by the people I work with.

The world we live in is shaped by our words; each life is a unique story written in a unique language.

In our words, we reveal our past, our desires and our essential needs, but above all we find the paths to creativity and to self renewal.

My role is to listen to your story,  to turn your barriers into levers for change and to reconnect you with your personal energy source; there lies your natural power to act.

Through simple and concrete actions, I take you to a place where you can transform your life by  shifting to an active approach.''​

Anne Leon


What i do
Meeting with oneself

It is not about becoming someone else, but giving yourself the space to be the person you really are.


What are my essential needs? What are my real desires?

What are my personal and unique talents?


These questions are the key to discovering that we have within  our reach everything we need to become who we want to be, do what we want to do, and fully manifest who we are.

Shifting your perspective

Too often, we worry about the results and, stuck on what’s ahead of us, we see only obstacles and difficulties. We forget about the path beneath our feet that allows us to move forward.


Yet when we give ourselves the time to feel and observe, our view changes. We come in touch with an energy of healing and restoration.


We discover that our life is full of possibilities and resources. We realise that our problems are opportunities for transformation. We understand that everything around us allows and helps us to evolve, to move in the right direction, and to transform our existence.


Our lives are so much bigger, so much more beautiful, so much more generous than we imagine.


Taking true actions

It is through simple and concrete actions that change begins.

When they are rooted in a reality where the everyday holds as much weight as major events, these actions allow us to rebuild our confidence and reconnect to our intuition.


They are the keys to the transformation that takes each of us to make decisions in accordance with our innermost nature and thus to become creators of our own lives and relationships.


They give us access to our inner security, and we regain our ability to experiment, to renew ourselves and to live fully in the present moment.


We have within ourselves everything we need to reach happiness, just as we have lungs to breathe.


What I do

Life Coaching



1 hour 15 


To meet with yourself, to rediscover your essential needs, to connect with your natural power to act.

To vanquish obstacles, to go beyond personal challenges.

To transform your life according to your innermost nature.

Business Coaching

1 hour and a half



To take you further and help you to reveal your unique talents.

To materialise them and make full use of their power.

To ground yourself and share those talents harmoniously with your environment.


Couple's Session 



1 hour and a half



Our relationship to the significant other in a couple is a direct reflection of the relationship we have to our inner feminine and masculine duality.

By understanding this, we stop explaining away problems and looking through our memories for a balance sheet of rights and wrongs on each side.

From that moment onwards, we can reintroduce humour, strengthen the exchange with one another and learn to receive from each other in order to evolve together towards each one's own autonomy.







1 hour



Our body is our friend and greatest ally.

Each of its discomforts is a message, and listening to them allows us to evolve and focus on what is essential to us: our happiness, our health, and our joy of living.

This energetic treatment bases itself on the reading to those signs in order to reconnect your body to its natural healing power.


What people say

what people say

Valerie Sieyes

Benedicte Resse


I have started seeing Anne few months ago. My goal was to work on my next life project - the next 20 years. Once a month, we are seeing each other - discussing about everything. It is such a special hour. If I am down or low, I know she will pump me up with energy and I will be back on track towards my goals. It is always a pleasure to discuss with her about all essential aspects of my life; she would always help me to see and understand the blocage to overpass and how to act on it. When discussing a subject, she is coming back to you with so many different angles to think about, it is so very rich and get you back immediatly on what is essential and act on it. I was afraid it would be a kind a psychotherapy but it is not. I enjoy so much working and discussing with her.

Wordforce Coaching

Anne Léon

Tél  UK: +44 (0) 7590381659

Tél France : +33 (0) 6 19 55 64 01




"It all started with a very painful ankle!” I was complaining to a friend about it since weeks when she kindly suggested to me to meet a friend of her who could apparently help me…? That was the beginning of Anne coaching me. I would have never thought of asking for help but it just happened when I needed it the most. Thank you to my dear friend S. for the very precious introduction. I now realise that life brings you what you need when you need it! Sometimes good things, sometimes bad things to make you realise each time if you are on the right track or not! Anne constant support, unique approach and very constructive way of working has been helping me through very rough times and still is by my side today without fail. She has been my wooden stick since more than a year now and also my ankle has been fixed very soon after I first met her, she is still guiding me today.

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